Our Mission

Working to reduce the number of feral, stray, and homeless cats and kittens in the Lake Pepin area. Feral Friends of Lake Pepin is a community TNR (Trap-Neuter-Return) effort to reduce the numbers of feral cats over time by eliminating their reproduction ability.

During the time of their treatment, all feral cats in our program are vaccinated for rabies; are treated for parasites and eye conditions (if found); have one of their ears “tipped” for identification as a fixed feral; and are returned to their territories.

Fixed ferals quickly become community cats. Their behaviors change — they are less aggressive and territorial, and many will strike up a friendship, albeit cautioned, with their community caregivers. Life as a strictly-outdoor cat remains difficult, however; to the extent that the community can pitch in to care for these creatures with food, water, and a warm and safe place to take shelter, improves their quality of life. Occasionally, cats and kittens arriving in our care are too ill or injured to be saved, and we work with a local veterinarian to humanely end their suffering with euthanasia.

When socialized strays or young kittens come into our care, they are fostered in the homes of volunteers, treated by a veterinarian, vaccinated, and spayed/neutered when they are ready to be adopted.

Who can adopt?

If you can provide a safe home for a cat and have the resources to provide appropriate food, shelter, and veterinary care, you can adopt. Occasionally, we foster cats that are only partially socialized. These shy cats may or may not become friendly enough to live in a home setting. Many of them make excellent barn cats. Adopters of prospective barn cats must be able to provide appropriate food, shelter and basic veterinary care. Feral Friends does not charge an adoption fee. Our cost to foster, vet and spay/neuter ranges from $70 and up. We encourage our adopters to make a donation in support of our work in any amount they are able. We are always in need of volunteers: foster homes able to care for incoming cats and kittens, people willing to help organize our annual fundraisers, people able to help with transport to low-cost spay/neuter appointments, and more. If you are interested in helping, please contact us. Donations to support our work can be addressed to Feral Friends of Lake Pepin, c/o Irene Wolfe, PO Box 23, Pepin, WI 54759. For information about cats and kittens available for adoption, contact Beth Anderson via phone or text at 715.204.9337.

Thank you for your support!